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Seasonal Contracts

We provide seasonal contracts for residential driveways in the Glenshire subdivision.

Equipment - Our equipment consists of Holder tractors, models 9.88 and 9.7 with Pronovost blowers. Holder tractors are light weight tractors utilizing PTO driven blowers that provide low impact results on both driveways and landscaping. We also use a Ford-350 Service vehicle with a Snowway hydraulic plow for private roads, high traffic areas, and emergency calls.

Pricing - Pricing varies depending on size, location, slope, and obstacles present in driveway. We offer free estimates.

Staking - We provide snow poles for all driveways. Our operators personally stake your driveway to familiarize themselves with obstacles, storage, and area to be plowed.

Starting times -
Starting times may vary, depending on accumulation of snow. We clear once every 24 hr period when snow depths on driveway reach 4 inches. To maximize amount of snow removed, we carefully chose a start time that best fits the amount of snow fallen or is anticipated to fall. Although there are no set start times, we guarantee clearing once every 24hrs.

Burms - We attempt to clear all burms during shift. Burms pushed up after our shift will be cleared the following day if necessary.

Emergency calls - We provide 24hr emergency service to get you in and out in an emergency.

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